5 Ways to Protect Your Home During a Remodel

Remodeling is a messy business, but it doesn’t have to be an unsafe or unsanitary one. There are steps that you can take to protect your property even as it gets repaired, repainted and redone. Here are just five ways to prevent damage as you add new rooms and install new pipes!

1. Create Walkways

This simple measure can be surprisingly effective. Instead of letting contractors stomp around your home at will, shepherd them through rooms and hallways with a “path” that you’ve created and reinforced. You can lay down tarps to prevent them from scuffing your floors, and you can remove delicate things from walls and shelves if they carry equipment that might knock them down. Not only will this protect your home, but it will also keep your contractors moving quickly and efficiently through your space.

2. Section Things Off

There’s a reason why the professionals hang plastic sheets between rooms. It isn’t an effort at remodeling chic; it’s a practical measure to protect the rest of the house from the area that’s being renovated. Plastic sheets can keep dust, dirt and drywall contained to one location, and it can also prevent any accidental spills or fumes from spreading to other people and places.

3. Air It Out

Speaking of fumes, they can be a major issue during certain types of remodeling projects, so make sure that you aren’t trapping yourself and your contractors in a polluted smell-scape. Leave the windows open as they work; ventilate the rooms that they spend the most time in; bring in fans to arrange around workspaces and push air in specific ways.

4. Cover Your Floors

Surface protection for your floors can make all of the difference during a home renovation. Whether it’s a construction board covering the entire thing or just some adhesive seal tape around the vulnerable edges, you can prevent a lot of damage by using the right protection products. Look into a brand like Trimaco for more information.

5. Clean Up Every Day

This is the most effective way to keep your renovation under control. If you let your cleaning duties pile up, they can quickly become insurmountable. However, if you make an effort to collect, sort, sweep, organize and trash things every day, you can stay on top of your cleaning efforts and reap the benefits when it’s all over. You may hire a junk removal company to collect your trash promptly.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you remodel your home. Whether you’re knocking down entire walls or simply installing new taps on your sinks, it’s important to think about safety as you work. You don’t want to damage your home even as you’re sprucing it up!

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