Make Your Office One Clients Love Visiting

The first thing your clients or customers will see when they come to your place of business is your office. What they see and experience during their stay will ultimately cause them to formulate an opinion about doing business or continuing to do business with your company. Therefore, it is crucial that you work with a commercial contractor when designing and planning an office space that will appeal to your clients.

How your office looks creates a vibe, and the wrong one could make it hard to succeed. An office that is plain, dark, and boring can give off a cold and unwelcoming vibe which sends customers running the other way. If you want to give off the right impression, you’ll want to use these suggestions for creating an office space that your clients will love.

Choose Wall Colors Carefully

You may not be aware of this little fact but colors can have an impact on a person’s mood and behavior. The colors you choose for the walls in your office should, therefore, be well thought out. Opt for welcoming or familiar colors like blue, green, or yellow. Blue is a calming color, green represents wealth and prestige, while yellow evokes feelings of happiness and creativity.

Reception Area

When your clients walk into your place of business you’re not always ready to see them right away. Leaving them to wait on their own could make them feel unwelcomed. However, having a receptionist and a reception area can help your clients feel comfortable during the waiting period. You’ll need a desk and chair for the receptionist as well as a seating area for your clients. When choosing seats, make sure that they’re comfortable, especially if they could be waiting awhile.

It’s also worth mentioning how important it is to always have a working HVAC system in your office to make you, your employees and your clients feel comfortable. To achieve this, have a reliable commercial hvac repair technician regularly service your HVAC system.


Sometimes your schedule doesn’t go as planned and you have to ask your clients to wait longer than you’d hoped (or they’d like). You can help to cut the tension and relieve your client’s frustration by having entertainment for them to stay busy while they wait. You can have things like reading materials, snacks, Aramark water coolers for the office, television playing current cable or popular movies, and perhaps a charger station for guests to recharge their devices.

Proper Lighting

Dark office spaces automatically give people an eerie vibe. If you want to avoid this in your own office building you should really brighten things up. If the building lots of windows or glass, you can utilize the natural light to your advantage. Natural light is the best form of lighting in that it is free and it has other health benefits including improved mood. If you don’t have much natural light, there are bright and soft lights that you can invest in to control the mood in the office. Adding table lamps in the reception area and installing proper ceiling lights will ensure everyone feels welcomed.


Signs can be used in a lot of different ways in your office. Each method has its own benefit of making space feel more inviting. Inspirational signs hung on walls, for instance, give customers something valuable to view. Directional signs, let clients know right away where they need to go to see someone for help. Instruction signs provide valuable information on how clients can get the help they need the fastest. Using a combination of these signs ensure that the client’s experience from start to finish is an easy one. When doing business is easy, you’re inclined to keep coming back.


Every office needs its own personality or else it would be pretty boring. Office decor helps to tie everything together and create a more positive image for your clients to see. It should be professional in nature, but still, possess a character that lets your clients know who you are. Hanging artwork, adding pillows to the seats, attaching centerpieces to end tables, placing a few plants in the waiting area, etc., brings a bit of uniqueness into your space.

Client visits aren’t to be taken lightly. From the very moment they set foot in your place of business until the moment they leave, they’ll be making an assessment of your brand, your staff, and you as an owner. What they take from this will essentially determine if they’ll do business with you in the future. If you want to keep your existing clients and gain new ones, it is imperative to make a good first impression by investing in things like your office design. When clients feel welcomed, they not only come back, but they share their experiences with others.

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