Knobs, Cornices, and Tapes, Oh My!

Windows themselves can be beautiful with all of the glorious options available to allow you to present a classic face to the world beyond your front door. However, the inside where you live and entertain benefits more from the select treatments you use to accentuate and cover your portals to the outside world. Tailor-made blinds, luxurious curtain panels, and delicate sheer accents are all available in a multitude of colors and textures. Take your interior design a step further and consider the details you can add to these treatments. These little extras complete your look while helping you add a personal touch all your own. Designer knobs for your colorful shutters, handmade cornices to house your chic curtain panels, and playful fabric tapes to decorate your wooden blinds are three ways you can complete your look.

Complimentary Knobs

When choosing shutters to enclose your lovely windows with a country flare, the colors are practically endless. Whether you decide on natural wood to give your home a cozy, cabin effect or deep colors to add mystic and ornamentation to your overall look, there is a knob for that. Yes, knobs for shutters don’t have to be just useful, they can be creative. Next Day Blinds Company has colors, styles, and textures to help you create just the look you desire and compliment whatever design of shutter you choose. These small details make your window treatments pop with that extra touch you may not have even considered. Add this to the fact that knobs enhance the use of shutters by easing the opening and closing processes while keeping the treatments clean and safe from constant handling, and knobs become a lovely necessity.

Traditional Cornices

Do you love the fabric panels that frame your windows in style and gently shield you from the sunlight with just the right hue? What if there was something that would add further detail and lend some old-world charm to your already lovely living area? Enter hand-made, wood cornices. Sitting regally above your curtain panels, like a beautiful crown, these architectural pieces are often made from the finest hardwood. There are options like

  • Hidden fabric rods, which cleverly allow your curtains to hang seemingly suspended behind this work of art
  • Keystone pieces, which seamlessly cover the joint where two cornices come together for larger windows
  • Intricately carved designs, which create depth to enhance the richness and warmth of your home

These lovely additions, found at places like Next Day Blinds, are mitered to create corners that fit perfectly into your design.

Decorative Tapes

Wooden blinds are nice, and the options for colors and styles are plentiful. These gems can keep the heat of summer at bay while protecting your furniture from the damaging rays of the sun. Additionally, they can help keep the cold temperatures of winter outside while enhancing your home with a classic look to warm the inside. Consider taking your lovely, yet somewhat plain wooden blinds to a more creative and colorful level. Keep your choice in material and color, but add a bit of flare with cotton/twill tapes. There are such things and they really add a rich and lovely feel to your window treatments. You can find many selections that help you create your ideal look with the perfect detail and pattern. Choose from solid colors to brighten and make your blinds noticeable or neutral and rich patterns of colors and stripes to add grace and flair. These decorative tapes will draw the eye to your window covers in a way that will surprise and delight you and your guests. Make your ordinary wooden blinds extraordinary with this small yet impactful detail.

Each home is different and window treatments are a great way to complete the overall feel you are looking for in your home design. Adding these little extras really brings in your personal taste and adds another layer that truly finishes your look.?

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