Why You Should Leave Plumbing to the Professionals

Peace And Tranquility

Your home is meant to be the epitome of peace and stability for your needs and state of mind. That’s why when my fiance and I pick out homes, we tend to put a lot of thought and time into finding the place that is just right for what we want out of life. From location to interior design and architecture, every detail matters. Then once we finally find that place that just suits what it is we’re looking for, we are filled with indescribable joy. 

Now comes the fun part, the decor and set up. Setting up our home was such an amazing process, especially getting it done just to our liking. Getting it just right does tend to take quite some time. Due to the overwhelming amount of choices and expressions you can give a place, we set up and tore down numerous times before finding that perfect design.

However, we finally got that design right and there was absolutely nothing better. The level of tranquility and serenity we got from having things set up right, it is truly one of the ultimate expressions of self. You know, you invite your friends and family over and walk them through every room and explain every last little detail that one person can handle trying to make it look like it was easy, knowing it was quite the battle reaching this point. 

We had achieved complete nirvana until one day while sitting on our dove chaise in our newly built screen room and eating our morning yogurt parfaits, I hear the dreaded sound of gushing water. Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem but I vividly remember that my fiance had just used the restroom a minute ago. So I looked to my left and see that our carpet just outside the bathroom has turned into a miniature swamp.

The Turning Point

Just when everything was going perfect, it happened again; life has thrown us another curve ball just to make sure we don’t get too comfortable. However, this problem won’t go away on its own and if left untreated would only double our troubles:

  • If you leave water standing on the surface, it can loosen the seal between the tile and the grout, allowing water to leak through.
  • Mold can grow under carpet in 48 to 72 hours from water damage
  • Water repairs double in price when damage has gotten this far

A Solution For Salvation

The peace and serenity had just been stripped from us and we were destined to get it back. So after a good hour of trying to plunge and snake the problem out we realized this was far beyond our pay grade and would need to call a professional plumber from a local plumbing company to help us.

We called emergency plumbing companies and found one we liked. They came out immediately for a great price, and the first thing they did is something I had never heard of. They used something they called Test Plugs in order to more thoroughly diagnose the plumbing and the pipe itself, trying to locate the root of the cause. I would’ve never guessed, but that’s what we needed. They took care of our nightmare for us. The rooter and drain experts came through as a life saver. From the point of the phone call to the point they arrived was within 3 hours and they eliminated the problem. They got the restroom up and running again like nothing ever happened. Visit www.moffettplumbing.com/about-us/careers/ to know why plumbers are considered professionals in the industry. One must check out Alliance Service Pros. We can vouch for their hydro jetting and plumber services and assert that they are one of the best in the market.

When you have invested so much time and energy into acquiring your place of peace, this is exactly what you want out of a company’s services like these professionals. Honest, professional people and, most of all, reliable. When it comes to plumbing repairs, it’s best to leave them to the capable hands of an emergency plumber.

Effort and resources should be focused on developing the place of your dreams not fighting through turmoil. While we could have possibly fixed the issue on our own with more time and effort spent, it would have caused more trouble for us in the long run, especially with our strict schedules and no-nonsense professions. 

We have continued to develop our place of serenity and have decided to leave the major jobs to the experts as it is simply more convenient and efficient. Especially when you go through a recommended company such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. At the end of the day we have dodged more major problems and relieved ourselves of stress. We couldn’t be much happier.

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