Are You Selling Your Home?

If you are planning on selling your home, we have some great tips to help you. If you need help selling your home, you may work with a real estate agent so you will be guided every step of the way.

How to make viewers in the mood to buy with colour!

Colour psychology can be an excellent tool for staging your home well when putting it on the property market and making sure it sells. You can also ask for the help from the experts in seeling your house in a right price, navigate here and here are some great tips you can use…

·   Yellow – Light shades of yellow can be classed as neutrals. So you have a bit more scope when using this colour in the home. Soft shades we welcoming, so they work particularly well in entrances!

·   Black – Black is great if you are looking to add a contemporary vibe to your home. This doesn’t mean you should paint your entire living room black! Accent with it only.

·   Red – Red gets the blood pumping. This is why you rarely see red bedrooms. It would be impossible to sleep! Where should you use red? Your front door or as an accent colour in flowers and accessories.

·   Brown – What’s more comforting than a bar of chocolate and a cup of tea? Brown creates a homely vibe and works well with other colours.

·   Green – Green is the colour of nature. So, its use largely depends on the style of your home. If you have a lot of wood tones and a very traditional and earthy look, green is a great choice!

·   White – White is associated with peace and cleanliness and is the easiest colour to use in any room. Need I say any more?

·   Blue – Blue, blue, blue… the most deceiving colour of them all! You probably know that blue is one of the most popular colours in decorating. It is also a calming colour. But did you know it is the most difficult to sell? If you don’t have blue in your home at present, don’t add it!

Dog disaster

Putting it simply… pets should never be present during a home viewing – no exceptions! Yes, you love your dog, it’s part of the family… but you are not selling your family, you are selling your home! Get your partner to take your pets on a little adventure whilst you greet the buyers. Chances are your pets will enjoy this more anyway!

Why shouldn’t you leave your pets in the house during a viewing? Well, not everyone loves animals! In fact, some buyers will not even enter your home if they know there is a dog or cat inside. Don’t take it personally, not everyone is a fan of fluffy friends!

But, it gets worse, imagine a viewer’s horror if you have several cats running around the house and they are allergic to them! Do you really want them to leave your home itching, sneezing and developing a rash?

Having a pet around is simply too unpredictable. You never know how your pet could react to a new person. It’s unlikely the buyer will want to spend the entire viewing with an over-excited dog running around their feet!

Even if your viewers are animal lovers, your pets can still destroy a viewing by simply being too adorable! The buyers will be distracted by your animals, instead of focusing on your home.

Quick and cheap bathroom staging tips!

Your bathroom has to sparkle! There is nothing like a grubby bathroom to put a buyer off your home! Here are some quick and easy tips to improve your bathroom’s appeal…

• Change the toilet seat – The buyer doesn’t want to be reminded of the people that are living there! If your toilet doesn’t look as good as new, get rid!

• Fix dripping or leaky faucets – When a viewer is looking at your home they don’t want to see all of the repair projects they are going to have to embark on.

• Get rid of mould – Practically every bathroom has mould, especially in the corners. Clean thoroughly to get rid of this.

• Remove soap grime – Not only do you have mould to contend with, but you need to get rid of soap grime on the shower door.

• Fresh towels – Put out fresh bath towels before every viewing.

• Replace light bulbs – Make sure you have the right light bulbs in your bathroom! A lot of bathrooms do not contain a lot of natural light. So this is especially important!

• Replace knobs and pulls – It is a good idea to replace pulls and knobs if your cabinet hardware is weathered.

• Get rid of personal items – The buyer doesn’t need to know what medication you take or what shaving foam you use!

Four easy tips for staging a big home on a small budget

Big house, small budget, big problem? Not necessarily! Just because your house is big in size does not mean you have to spend more to get it looking beautiful. Here are some give easy and effective tips for staging a big house on a little budget…

1. Purchase a big mirror – Mirrors are a great home addition. Not only can you buy some really stunning and decorative pieces, but the light reflects and opens up the space – which is just what you need in a big room.

2. Buy a new rug – If you have an expansive room one of the best ways to break it up is with the addition of a rug. Traditionally rugs are expensive, but thanks to the Internet you can easily pick one up for a bargain price. J & D Oriental Rug Co. offers vintage rug cleaning if you don’t like to replace your old rugs and just want to make them look new again.

3. Buy a big bouquet of flowers – Buy a nice and big bouquet of flowers and place them in a pretty vase. Flowers are ideal for home staging because they create a pretty and welcoming vibe. Why do you need a big bouquet? Simply to scale the flowers in relation to the size of your home.

4. Repaint the banister – You will be shocked by how much of a difference this will make – an excellent method of updating your stairs without spending much!

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