A Guide To Gifts For Craft Lovers

When a special occasion creeps closer and closer the pressure of deciding what to buy as a gift for someone who is a craft lover is immense, as they often create anything they need themselves and their artistic vision and individuality is hard to pin down. Show them you care by avoiding the usual wine and chocolate (although not a terrible gift), and put a little more thought in to find something they’ll really appreciate to earn some extra brownie points. The options may not be obvious to you right now, but the ideas inside this guide should push you in the right direction.


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An option that never disappoints is craft supplies, they’re always needed and greatly valued. Gather a mix of some basic and few more refined items together and make a big hamper of goodies for them to enjoy. Great basic supplies to look out for include paper of different weights and colours, acrylic or oil paints (especially white and black as they’re always first to run out), pens, tape and glue of different strengths. It’s difficult to get these kind of things wrong, so even the novice buyer with no previous craft experience should be able to make it out of the store with everything on their list having avoided any confusion. For those special items that are a little more upmarket, consider some luxury fabric, needlepoint canvas or magnificent beads if they’re a talented seamstress or embroiderer; or a professional canvas and traditional brushes or pencils if they like to paint or sketch.




If your budget will stretch, one of the most perfect gift ideas is a relevant craft machine of some sorts. This can range all the way from 3D printers to sewing machines right down to laminators; all are able to make a craft lovers work simpler, more efficient and of a much better quality and standard. Though they might not be the cheapest, the technology will last for several years at least, and serve an actual purpose on a regular basis dissimilar to other easy options often thrown in the bin shortly after receiving like flowers or food hampers. It’s probably likely that they love to get their hands dirty and get stuck in when creating, so give them an extra tool to outlet their artistic passion and you never know, they might creative something wonderful for you as thanks.




Let’s face it – creative minds are often the most unorganized. This is advantageous if you’re after a more practical gift, as some kind of storage for your special persons materials or perhaps adequate framing for their final pieces would never get rejected. For a larger gift think about purchasing a professional mannequin for a fashion focused crafter to hold any of their current outfits and accessories whilst they’re under construction, or a storage workstation to keep everything in organized. A few good ideas for smaller storage gifts are items such as a caddy or compartment tray to keep paint brushes and chalks protected and clean. Enabling them to have the chance to put their supplies in order will help to give them a clearer head to focus on their projects currently at hand, and they’ll have you to thank for it.




From handmade designer candles to individual jewellery, accessories can be a very good choice for a more ornate and exquisite gift. Buying from a small independent store will be appreciated by the presents recipient, as true craftsmanship can be spotted and properly admired by a fellow crafter. If you’re not sure what sort of item would best suit, think about what they have already. If you have visited their home, what colour palette did they have and what features stood out to you the most? For example, if there’s many shades of blue splashed around the house and they have art or pictures depicting the ocean, research some nautical themed presents and ensure you get it right first time. It’s not always going to be as obvious as this, so don’t be afraid to ask them what they’re into if you really don’t want to get it terribly wrong.




By doing a quick google search or skimming through the local paper, you might be able to find some fun craft classes that you can attend together. From pottery to life drawing, there’s so much to choose from. The chance to accompany them to the lesson will be a great memory that you will share forever, and you can search around to ensure the experience definitely going to be an entertaining one. It will also give you a chance to take a trip into their world, and connect over something you wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to. More ideas include woodwork, embroidery, sculpting, taxidermy, glassblowing and even soap making classes, so there really is something out there for everyone.


Day Trips


The simplest answer for the question “what do you buy someone that has everything” is a day trip. Although they won’t have the fun of unwrapping the gift, there are some brilliant experiences at organizations like art galleries, studios and operating workshops. Try and identify some of their favourite artists or movements, then check if there are any corresponding exhibitions. Search for any points of interest or importance amongst the industry or background of their chosen craft and plan an experience day, such as visiting a cave or rock deposit to see how precious stones are excavated for use in jewellery and other items.


Hopefully you will find the tips and tricks included in this guide to be beneficial. Seeing a huge smile beam from cheek to cheek when they open their gift will make all of your hard work and research worthwhile, so put in a bit of extra effort and appreciate the fruits of your labour. Have some fun whilst investigating these ideas and you’ll be able to find the perfect present for any craft lover and convert yourself over to the artistic side at the same time.

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