Organic DIY Methods For Keeping Pests Off Your Lawn

There’s nothing more annoying than putting hours of effort into making your lawn green and verdant, only to find out later on that it’s become a home for destructive animals and insects. The conventional solution is to blanket your lawn with insecticides and pesticides, and hope that the problem goes away. But the problem with these chemicals is that they get into the groundwater, damage ecosystems and could put your health at risk. If you end up with no success, then you should get help from a pest control company who offers professional organic pest control and organic lawn care services. 


Surely there’s a better way?


It turns out that there are several organic pest control methods that you can use to keep your lawn and garden in tip-top condition. Let’s take a look.


Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper

keep pests off lawn


Unlike most spices cayenne pepper is relatively cheap and is used by several pest eradication companies like Pest Control Omaha. And, what’s more, it’s perfectly natural, coming from a variety of chile pepper plant grown in the southern US.


You might think that sprinkling a food substance on your lawn isn’t the best pest control idea in the world. Surely it will attract animals if it’s food? But cayenne pepper isn’t like most foods. The reason cayenne repels animals is because of its high capsaicin content – the stuff that makes the pepper spicy. Animals don’t like this and will avoid it if they come into contact with it. By sprinkling it on your lawn, you make your garden a far less hospitable place for insects.


Keep Dogs Away With Horse Manure


Horse manure is excellent fertilizer, thanks to the high nitrogen content. It helps lawns retain their deep green color, preventing segments of grass from dying because of a lack of nutrients. Dogs hate the smell of horse manure, and will often stay away from lawns using it. Just like all forms of manure, horse manure is perfectly natural and, in small quantities, won’t damage the environment.


Use Garlic


If you’ve got a flower bed inundated with bugs, then you might want to try sticking a garlic clove in the ground near the affected area. Just like vampires, insects can’t stand the chemical signals given off by garlic and will stay clear or nearby plants.


Use Orange Rinds As A Snail Trap

orange peel repels pests



Snails and slugs can cause immense damage to your garden if you let them have their evil way with it. Their fat little bodies require a lot of energy to keep going, meaning that the leaves and shrubs in your backyard are on their hit list.


Instead of trying to eliminate the problem, try setting traps instead. Most creatures aren’t interested in citrus rinds, like orange peel, but snails and slugs love them. Using orange peel distracts them and helps take them away from the parts of your garden that you’d like to preserve.


Alcohol Spray

spray lawn to keep pests off lawn



Alcohol is not only naturally anti-bacterial but also an insect repellent too.


To make alcohol spray, you’ll need a spray bottle, pure isopropyl alcohol, and water. Combine about a cup of alcohol with a quart of water and then fill your spray bottle. You can spray household plants as well as affected plants in your garden to repel insects.

Finally, if a flock of pigeons keep bothering you, you may already need the services of a pigeon control company.

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