Four Night-In Ideas For You & Your Family

It can be really hard to get the kids off their screens and spending some time bonding with you these days, especially when they are so invested in social media. However, the families that do things together are the ones that stay together, so you need to convince the kids to put the screens down and get involved in a little family time. To encourage that bonding time, you want to implement Family Night. The kids may push back at first – especially in those delicate teenage years – but eventually these will be the nights where family legends are created and stories will be told for years. 


We’re not talking about family night binging on Game of Thrones box sets, but real time together that involves conversation, laughing and generally having fun while you connect. With that in mind, check out our four amazing ideas for a family night-in to remember.

family night-in ideas

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More Than Movies

You can use this installation guide to get Popcorn loaded to your Firestick, or you can go a little beyond movies and popcorn. Of course, movies are a great way to spend a relaxing night in together as a family, but you can go beyond that by creating a real movie theater ambience. Make movie theater tickets on your computer and use an old box for a concession stand. Serve whatever treats you like and set it all up. If you give everyone fake money and black out the TV room, you can pretend it’s a real movie night – and the kids will love it.

Play The Game

When someone suggests chess or Monopoly, half the group instantly feels turned off by this idea – they want to have fun, not count their pennies! Instead of breaking these games out, why not find the fun board games like Operation and Frustration? You could get out the Pictionary and play family Charades, too. Snacks, drinks and a parents VS kids battle is going to be an all out fun fest for your Family Night.

Go Camp-In

Every parent groans inwardly when the kids suggest camping outside, what with the bugs and cold nights and all. Instead, meet the kids in the middle and turn the living room into a duvet city. Pitch a tent if you must, but make it the best sleepover ever! Use this s’mores recipe to make some excellent snacks for the night. Don’t forget the scary stories to make it REALLY good!

Story Time

You can turn reading into an out-loud performance. Let’s take Harry Potter for example – you could each take it in turns to read a chapter aloud to the whole family. Read in silly voices and funny movements. Make actions and play a game where whoever laughs first loses a point. It makes for an exciting way to read a story together. Moreover, you can also enroll your kids in a kids reading program to improve their language and reading comprehension.


Family Night doesn’t have to be an embarrassing night for the kids; it can be exciting and silly, loving and a time for connection. Don’t think the night out is better when you can have a night in.

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