Making Use Of Unused Space In Bedrooms

The following are space-saving tips for any room of the house. For whatever reason, the bedroom is the one room of the house that people look to save space. Since the bedroom is the most popular room that homeowners look at saving space, these tips are concentrated on the bedroom area of the home.

Someone once said that the State of Hawaii has grown outward as much as they can and there is no more space, so to answer this dilemma, Hawaii started to build upward. Use this same formula to find extra bedroom space.

The Size of the Bed Matters

Beds come in all sizes and designs from the twin, extra-long twin, full, queen, king, or California king beds. You must consider the size of the room that is going to accommodate the bed. Measure the bedroom and use this guide for U.S. bed sizes and dimensions for buying the right-sized bed to give you sufficient space in the bedroom. What is the best size for the space you have in that room? If your room measurements can comfortably fit a full-sized bed, you certainly do not want to buy the king-sized bed you have always wanted that measures 76″ x 80″; you may have to forget the king and opt for a full bed. Once you get the allowable space for your bed figured out, you can work around the bed to create more space for storage. While it is not essential that everyone has a mattress protector, an organic mattress cover, or latex mattress zippered cover, they are incredibly useful. Not only will they help to protect your mattress investment, but they can help you be healthier and have better sleep overall.

Another idea is to buy a sealy nostromo sofa-bed sleeper that pulls out into a bed at night and converts to a sofa during the day. Or you could try a Murphy bed that folds up into the wall during the day.

Make Use of Valuable Wall Space

To save space, you may have to allow for more space in a bedroom by reaching into your archive of creativity of imagination. Instead of using bookcases, use bookshelves above the door windows, and anywhere on the walls. Keep shelves high enough that you do not bump your head, but low enough to get what you want and to clean the area. A bookshelf can substitute as a table. Bookshelves positioned high up a wall can hold knickknacks and items for admiring and looking at to simply enjoy. Books and magazines can be stored in an attractive bucket or basket. Line your closet with extra shelves for storage. Place small shelves next to windows to set plants.

Gain More Space in the Closet

A closet organization system saves a ton of space. There are a wide variety of closet systems in the marketplace today or you can design your own creation by picking out separate storage boxes and containers. Ask friends and family to save their metal pop can tabs. Slip the tab onto that hanger holding a shirt. Now take another shirt and slip the hanger through the other end of the tab. The same thing can be done by buying a hook big enough to slip over your closet clothing rod. Attach a large-link chain on the hook. Now hang as many items of clothing as you want into the chain. This frees up a lot of clothing rod space. Buy a shoe bin to store shoes or hang up a divided shoe storage container.

Storage Hampers, Storage Chests

Decorative storage chests or hampers can hold linens, shoe boxes, extra purses, and infrequently worn or seasonal clothing. These storage chests are used for tabletops or benches to sit on. A closet organization system saves a ton of space. There are a wide variety of closet systems in the marketplace today. Some homeowners use bed raisers as raisers allow you to slip storage containers under the bed, such as seasonal clothing items.

Multifunctional Furniture Saves Space

Tables anywhere but on the floor save a lot of space. A floating shelve on either side of the bed works nicely verses using bedside stands that often take up too much space. A shelve can be attached to decorative chains hung by a hook from the ceiling. This frees up floor space. Small rooms can be made to look and feel bigger with a bit of imagination.

Anyone can create more space in any room, especially the bedroom, by using their imagination and creative ideas. Too much on the floor creates confusion, clutter, and uses too much space.

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