Should You Invest In A Carport Or A Garage?


carport or garage


Perhaps you need a place to store your vehicle and your weighing up your options? With a garage, you’ll get a fully enclosed structure of walls, a roof and doors. A carport, on the other hand, is a roof structure that is supported by columns and is free-standing. As wintertime approaches, those without car storage space could benefit from sorting something out soon! Often, it’s not always possible to park your car that close to your home, and this can get a little tiresome. If you’re looking to decide between the two, let’s take a look at the pros and cons. 

Investing in a garage 

With a garage, you’ll benefit from a totally enclosed storage space. Many people rely upon garages to store other personal belongings as well as their cars. When it comes to protection from the weather; you can’t go wrong with a garage. Most modern garages can be fitted with secure locks on the garage doors so that you can rest easy when keeping any bikes or expensive garden equipment inside them. While some people feel that they would prefer a garage, it’s certainly worth looking into all that a carport has to offer first! The downside of a garage is probably a lack of ventilation (and the fact that they often just become a space to hoard junk)! Cleaning out the garage sometimes feels like this endless job that crops up several times a year. It can be tempting to store things in there for a rainy day, but if they are items that you never use; you’ll have less clutter if you just give them to a second-hand store.

Investing in a carport 

Carports are less expensive than garages, and they can also be constructed easier and faster. With a carport, you won’t generally require planning permission as you will do with a garage. Carports still offer your car great protection, plus a dry place to complete any work on your vehicle when you need too. You’ll stay out of the rain when you’re getting in and out of your car, plus keep your car clean and dry. 

Options like an a-frame carport can be a great solution to store your vehicle. Sometimes these are also referred to as boxed eave carports. These a-frame carports have a conventional roof design including eaves that protrude out on each side. A roof like this sheds water very well. Metal carports are generally made of materials like aluminum or steel. You can bring this to a powder coating near me at to protect it against corrosion. Another option out there are wooden carports; these are kind of like a free-standing shed space. 

To conclude

In most cases, an a-frame metal carport will fulfil the needs of any family looking to store a car. If you’re looking for some great protection, ease of use and value for money- a carport is the way to go. It’s a good plan to compare the costs and assess your needs when you are coming to a conclusion. With winter settling in, a carport could serve as a faster option to meet your needs. As with anything, set a workable budget before you start shopping around. Find something that matches your house to give the exterior of your home that wow factor! 

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