Keeping Your Favorite Fashion Forever

Clothes shopping is so much fun for most of us. However, if you have to replace some of your favorite clothing, it may not be very fun at all. When you find a piece of clothing you love, you want it to last. The following tips will help you in that endeavor.

How to Make Clothes Last Longer

Making clothes last longer is not as difficult as one might think. Most clothing manufacturers include instructions printed directly on the tag of the clothing. Simply following those will help to boost your clothing’s lifespan. There are also additional tips to help boost its lifespan even further. For those ladies who would actually like to buy plaid skirts or some new clothes from Joker Apparel, then consider going shopping either online or in-store for new outfits. 

Wash According to Instructions

Whether you are talking about plus size distressed jeans or low rider skinny jeans, there will be a way to care for them properly.

Typically, you can find the instructions printed on the tag of the clothing item in question. Follow the instructions on this tag, and you have a great baseline to begin your request to extend your clothing’s lifespan.

Do the Repairs Yourself, If Possible

Do-it-yourself is a great way to approach life. Occasionally there will be small rips or tears in pieces of your favorite clothing. This is unemployed. We recommend learning how to repair these yourself. Selling was a common skill decades ago, but few people know how to do it today.

Try using the internet and see if you can learn how to repair your clothing on your own that next time they have damage.

Get the Help of Professionals When Necessary

Professional repairs are worth it in certain scenarios. If you have a piece of clothing that has a complex rip, we recommend taking it to your nearest seamstress. They will be able to properly diagnose it and give you the best options available for repairs.

Purchase High-Quality Clothing

The quality of the clothing that you purchase matters a lot. If you go to a dollar store and purchase a T-shirt that only costs a single dollar, do you expect it to last as long as a $100 T-shirt?

Choosing to invest a little more in higher-quality clothing like this Tan Mens Lightweight Coat could go a long way in keeping your clothing around longer. If you have a good budget, you may like to purchase designer clothing in luxury consignment stores online. For more options on higher-quality clothing for men and women look for Unionbay.

Do Not Wear Them Too Often

Clothing ages the most quickly when it is being used. If possible, limit the amount of time you spend wearing your favorite clothing items so you can preserve them for special occasions.

Even on the day you wear your favorite pieces of clothing, try only wearing them for the time of the event. After, change into a different set of clothing so you can keep your nice clothes fresh.

Have Them Dry Cleaned

Some of the nicer clothing should not be washed at home at all. We recommend always using a dry cleaner if you want to have the least detrimental cleaning experience possible for your clothes. Clothing that is dry cleaned lasts much longer than clothing that is washed in machine washers.

Store Them In a Climate Controlled Room

You should keep your good clothes like the gender neutral clothing in a climate-controlled room if you want them to last. Keeping clothing in areas that are not climate controlled could foster mothballs.

Luckily, most closets in your bedroom would likely have climate control today. However, it would pay off to check out and make sure it does before giving your favorite clothing there.

Keep Them Somewhere Dark

Everyone knows that the sun ages human skin very quickly. It is one of the most significant causes of premature aging in all people. The same can be said of clothing and fabric, in general. Sunlight contains harmful radiation. This radiation can break down the molecular bonds that hold your clothing together.

When you have a piece of clothing that you like a lot, we recommend keeping it in a dark room, not exposed to direct sunlight. This will prevent it from aging prematurely and ensure that it lasts as long as possible for you. That way, you can keep your favorite piece of clothing around long enough to enjoy them.

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