How To Make Donald Duck Orange Juice Taste Better -

How To Make Donald Duck Orange Juice Taste Better

Good IdeasHow To Make Donald Duck Orange Juice Taste Better is the Good Idea topic for today!  We recently purchased some of this juice (in a large can) remembering  it was a child-hood favorite. We quickly realized, only after taking a nice big swig, that it was seriously way too potent too drink.  My cheeks puckered so tight that I wasn’t sure I would ever smile or laugh again.  IT HURT!  I don’t know what it was, maybe the twitching of the eye, or the stinging tongue, but I knew right then and there that Donald Duck Orange Juice did not taste like I had remembered.  So, I devised a plan to experiment with the juice until I could make it taste a bit better.  Here are the best two solutions I came up with…

#1)Add Powdered Tang to it.  Believe it or not, this seriously improved the bitter taste still lingering in my tingling mouth!? I added just a bit of powdered tang and that gave the juice some sweetness it was lacking, along with a touch of flavor I love.

#2)I made a Smoothie with it.  This actually is my favorite option and it turned out so delicious.  Here is the recipe I devised to improve  the ever so potent juice.

1 cup milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 bannana

1 cup Donald Duck Juice

1 cup water

3 cups of ice

1/2 tbsp of sugar

MAKES 3 Smoothies

So this is my Good Idea for a Donald Duck Orange Juice Smoothie……..Please try this at home if you are ever the victim of a large can of Pucker!!

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4 Responses to “How To Make Donald Duck Orange Juice Taste Better”

  1. David Allred says:

    Hey Amy…congratulations on landing the first page on Yahoo for “Good ideas!” Big time!

  2. How about just getting your own fruit or orange juicer, and juicing it yourself. You can’t really make anything taste better if it’s already packed. Just go with the fresh juice. :D

  3. margot sheehan says:

    I was unaware you could buy big cans of it. I only remember the little cans they sold on the train many years ago. Battery acid.

  4. Amy Allred says:

    I love that you call it battery acid. In the can, it is horrid (which is the way I had it), but I’ve heard it isn’t so bad in the paper 1/2 gallon.

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