a Tisket, a Tasket, A BIG ol’ BASKET

Storage Ideas…Today I am focusing on my love of basket’s.  I know it may not be such an exciting thing for everyone, but I think having a few solid baskets around, is a great idea.  I use them as one of my favorite storage components.  Check out some of the ways I utilize them…Good IdeasInstead of leaving all of our bathroom stuff on the counter-top, I drop it into a little basket…Good Ideas*I* think it looks so much neater this way.Good IdeasInstead of having a pile of shoes by the front door…Good IdeasI have a basket, that keeps things nice and organized!Good IdeasI have a basket of towels next to the shower…Good IdeasWe have a Kids Art Supply Basket…Good IdeasTo save room in my girls dresser, they have a basket for socks and chonies…Good IdeasI can’t stand having my lids everywhere in the cabinet, so…I threw them in a basket.Good IdeasThis is a horrible picture, but our cupboard and drawer space in the kitchen is very limited, so I have a basket under the kitchen sink with my hand towels and wash clothes in it.  Good IdeasA basket for hair-bows…I know some people have fancy hangers for theirs…but this works best for us.
Anyways, the point is….I use baskets for everything.  I use them for Barbies, Balls, Movies, Curling Irons, Magazines, Bills, Blocks, Blankets and so much more!!!

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