How To Get Pen off of Barbie’s Face

Okay, so you saw our poor Barbie’s face after she was given some permanent ball-point-pen make-up, and this is what she looked like.  As you can see, she is truly lovely underneath it all!!  Aren’t we All!!Good Ideas

So I researched the web and found out that the #1 way to remove ink from Barbie’s face is to take her clothes off…(believe me-she’s all plastic) and then use a q-tip to apply Benzoyl Peroxide–Clearasil is best, wiped on generously, and then washed off—repeating over and over until it actually works. Well it didn’t work for me. It lightened the pen, but didn’t erase it completely. So I moved on to bigger and better options. I would like to make a side note here((((((upon further research, I found out that if the Benz is left on, possibly overnight, and with a warm lamp placed 5-6 inches above the damaged area, and then scraped off in the morning-that this is the ultimate trick)))) Unfortunately, I found this out way too late!  She should look like this under your lamp…Good IdeasWell, as I had mentioned in my previous post, I moved onto trying new things….WD-40-didn’t work, Nail Polish Remover-Didn’t work, Industrial Cleaning Wipes-didn’t work, hairspray-didn’t work, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser-didn’t work, 4 times of Benzoyl Peroxide-didn’t work…..and so finally, out of complete desperation, I used GOOF OFF!Good Ideas READ THIS>>>>>>>GOOF OFF–“Vapor harmful,” the label reads. “May affect the brain or nervous system causing dizziness, headache or nausea…. May be harmful if absorbed through skin…. Do not breathe vapors…. Do not get on eyes or skin or clothing.”  Yep, you read right…very harmful, but I was so determined to give Barbie a facial without Ball Point Pen, that I was ready to try anything, and I DID IT.  Do You want to guess just what happened???Good IdeasBARBIE LOST HALF OF HER FACE……oh crud, good one mom!Good IdeasSo, here is the Good News…I was able to get rid of most of the ink, but here is the problem…I erased half of her face.  I should have put the GOOF OFF on a Q-tip and then applied, instead I just dumped a nickel sized amount on to a paper towel and then rubbed it all over her face and then when I noticed what was happening, WELL it was too late.  I had already stripped her of her eyebrows, lips, and half of each eyeball.  Not such a Good Idea huh!?!

MY ANSWER To rid Barbie of Ink, is to use Clearasil, if it doesn’t work, use GOOF OFF, but with a Q-Tip….next time huh!

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