Re-Finished Desk and Office Corner

What Have I been Up to…well I had this office desk unit and we really didn’t need the whole unit anymore and it was too big, Soooo I sold it on Craigslist and made close to $600 from it.  I thought we would be fine, but after living a week or two without a desk and a place to put our stapler and pens, I decided that we really did need one.

Good Ideas
Back to the drawing board.  I went to Craigslist again and found a used desk for $25.  WoW…what a deal…So my profit from one desk to the next, was $575…great huh…!! 
This is what it looked like when I purchased it…Good IdeasI know…not super inviting huh??  It had a terrible stain job on it and I decided to just paint the whole thing black.Good IdeasI used Satin Black Valspar paint from Home Depot.Good Ideas(After laying down this weeks grocery ads) I started painting it, and thought about leaving the top cherry, but like I said, the stain job was terrible and so I went ahead and painted it black too.Good IdeasMy mom had this little side table in her garage.  It had a honey colored stain on it and 4 legs on the base.  I unscrewed the legs, and painted it cream.  I considered painting it black as well, but it seemed like too much black.  I am still not sure I am completely in love with it, but for now it’s cream.Good IdeasI sanded the edges after painting it cream, and then decided it still seamed too cream…
…so I rubbed some stain on it to antique it a bit.Good IdeasI also sanded the edges of the desk…roughed it up.  Good IdeasAnd one more at the funky angle–just for kicks…Good IdeasI don’t know…I like the other unit, but it was so big…and this takes up a lot less space and stays neater. 
I must do something with the file cabinet, but for now…it’s all good.

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