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Thanksgiving Place Cards

Well we all love Thanksgiving. And we are just a few days away and I thought as we prepare our Thanksgiving Spreads, that having some cute ideas for place cards would be a great idea. Keep in mind that the typical ideas come from the history of Thanksgiving which includes Pilgrims, Indians, turkey’s, and fall foliage. It really allows your guests to feel EXTRA special when the preparation has been put forth for them. They will know WHERE to sit and WHO’s sitting by them. Of course, they may move them around, but it’s all part of the fun that we have during the season. Here are a few ideas I found while surfing and they
are all really great!!

Good Ideas

This is a cute idea and can really be used with any type of fruit or vegetable. Imagine it with an apple, pumpkin, small squash, or even a piece authentic Indian corn!

Good Ideas

I love this little thistle thorn. I believe this would be great with a pine cone, or large nut as well.

Good Ideas

These are silk leaves, done in a layered fashion and tied with twine. They are beautifully placed on your table settings, such as plates and saucers. Again simple yet sweet!

Good Ideas

THESE are adorable little pilgrim hats. Using miniature terracotta pots, black paint, and black foam for the base, creating pilgrim hats is a breeze. I have actually made these before and they are very simple and so adorable. Use a different color of paint, than black, for the belt area, but then use a permanent marker to write the names. I have also seen these done with black plastic/Styrofoam cups. Either way, they are easy and cute.

Good Ideas A turkey pine cone with the place card sat on it. They have used feathers with pipe cleaners and little wiggle eyes. Can you imagine how proud your kids would be as they create these for all their loved ones!! My girls always feel so special when they are included in our plans.

Good Ideas

These are so great. Including the picture of your guest is so creative. You could even make them a really fun project and center of conversation by choosing pictures that are silly or strange!

Good Ideas
I love the little stamped images on these.

Good Ideas

This place card is put together with a leaf, button, and felt. Very fall!

Good IdeasThese place cards are great, because it incorporates the napkins which are going to be part of our table settings anyway!Good Ideas

I love these little jars filled with reeces pieces candy and raffia, making it look like an authentic Indian corn adorned with the name card.

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  2. Lezlie says:

    What do you use for the buckle on the pilgrim hat?

  3. Amy Allred says:

    Lezlie, Hotglue worked best. If you are speaking about the little yellow buckle itself and wondering what that is. It is a strip of yellow foam from the craft dept.

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