How to Have a Baby Boy -

How to Have a Baby Boy

Good IdeasI know this is a little off topic from my usual posts, but I do love Random Tips
and this is a little recipe for having a boy, that I got from my College Marriage and Family Professor.


1.  Intercourse should be timed as close to the moment of ovulation as possible.

2. Intercourse should be preceded on each occasion, by a baking soda douche, consisting of two tablespoons of baking (NOT baking powder) to a quart of water.  Female orgasm is NOT necessary, but desirable.  If a woman normally experiences orgasm, her husband should time his to coincide with hers or let her experience orgasm FIRST!!

3. Vaginal penetration from the rear is the recommended position.  This, Dr. Shettles says, this helps insure deposition of sperm at the entrance of the womb rather than in the two spaces adjacent to it, the cul-de-sac and the posterior formix.  This is desirable because the secretions within the cervix and womb will be highly alkaline, more so even than the vagina, in spite of the alkaline douche,  an alkaline environment is most favorable to androsperms.

4. Deep penetration at the moment of male orgasm will help insure deposition of sperm close to the cervix.

5. PRIOR ABSTINENCE IS NECESSARY!  Intercourse should be avoided completely from the beginning of the monthly cycle until the day of ovulation.  This helps insure maximum sperm count, a factor favoring male sperm.

****This procedure will work close to 100% if you know FOR SURE when ovulation occurs.  There are ovulation testing strips that can be used to help you determine  when you are ovulating!

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