How To Paint Faux Wood Paneling or Fake Wood -

How To Paint Faux Wood Paneling or Fake Wood

In the 70’s, there was this trend of using Faux Wood Paneling to cover walls.
I grew up calling it “trailer paneling” but regardless of it’s correct name,
it’s a thin panel of compressed waste, made to look like real wood.
Good IdeasIt resembles this picture.
Anyways, I have been redoing some things in our current home, and one of those things is painting the walls.
I could invest a few hundred dollars and replace the paneling with dry wall, but for now, I chose to go the less expensive route and just paint over the walls.
However, painting over faux wood paneling requires a few more steps than painting a typical wall.
Sanding Fake Wood WallsThis room was only covered on the lower half of the wall with paneling
and the upper half  of the wall had 4 layers of wallpaper on them.
So my first step was to strip the wallpaper off.
That was a super tedious job, but so worth it in the end.
Then, I used an extension arm and sand paper to sand down the walls.
I did this to get rid of the super slick and shiny surface.
It was really just to ensure that the paint would stick and not peel off.
Good IdeasI then caulked every crack, seam, and then along the edges of the trim.
This was to ensure a proper seal of the room.
Our home is over 100 years old, so who knows what is behind the paneling.
It really just helped me feel safer, less likely that spiders will come visit!
Priming Faux Wood PanelingNext, I primed the faux wood paneling.
Since the wood is so dark, it really helped cover that up.
After the wood is primed, I was ready to paint.
I actually had my husband do me a HUGE favor
and re-mud the upper walls where the wallpaper used to be.
You can see that in the above picture.Paint Fake Wood
I painted the top a dusty sand color (it’s really just a shade of tan,)
and then the bottom half was painted a vintage white.
I have more I am doing to the upper part of the wall, but for now, this pic works.
I love the way it turned out!

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6 Responses to “How To Paint Faux Wood Paneling or Fake Wood”

  1. Pat P says:

    Wow! I am SO impressed with your dedication. I had to remove one layer of wallpaper in my bathroom after we had a water leak. That was such a pain that I swore there would never be another piece of wallpaper hung in my home! And you are right – all your hard work paid off – it looks great!

  2. Amy Allred says:

    Wow, thanks for the nice compliment. I don’t know about dedication, but I definitely had lot’s of desire!! Good luck with your project Pat!

  3. Rob says:

    What type of caulking did you use for the groves in the paneling? Our is that shiny paneling so its not even real wood type, so I am wondering if your process works for this kind of wall treatment?

  4. Amy Allred says:

    Ours is the older, shiny paneling too. I used Dap, Acrylic Latex Caulk plus silicone, in brilliant white. I love this stuff because it is paintable and dries quickly. Also, if there is a lump in it, and it’s still tacky to the touch, you can wet your finger with water and smooth it out!

  5. chelsey says:

    What paint and primer did you use?

  6. David Allred says:

    Hi Chelsey. We actually just used a flat light colored mess up paint from Home Depot for the primer. As for the second coat, we used a semigloss cottage white to reduce on the fingerprint marks from the kiddos! Hope that helps.

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