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Shop GoodIdeasandTips.comIt’s been in the works for a while now, but I am excited to announce our shop! YEAH BABY!  As you can see, we’ve added a link to it in the navigation bar, up there! From here on out, we’ll be featuring a “product of the month,” which will be anything from craft kits you can do yourself, to entirely completed projects which you can just click and buy, and even other fun products.

Since I have a big following here in my home town, my brilliant technical team, (a.k.a., my husband) has added two shipping options. So depending on where you are, you can select for your item to be shipped or picked up….(picked up locally is FREE…woohoo!)

Now, when you visit our shop, it may look a little barren….and that’s because it is! Instead of waiting to open the store until we have an entire product line, we’ve opted into doing the product of the month, adding crafty products to it as we go. It’s much more fun that way anyways!

Our first product is something you’ve seen before in a past post about chore charts. This is the same chore chart that hangs on our wall and has been a HUGE help with keeping our kids on task. (Talk about developing daily habits in a good way! ) Expect to see the chore chart in a featured “product of the month” post coming soon.


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