Decorating our Sons Newly Remodeled Room!

 After begging and pleading with my husband to replace the old (fake) wood paneling in our sons room, for drywall, we are ready to start painting and decorating (my favorite part!)  WooHoo!!
So, now I have fresh drywall to work with.  I looked all over the internet to find images of boys rooms that I liked and thought he would enjoy too, and I finally settled on this one.  My favorite part, is that it’s like looking at the side of a giant basketball.
The key is an orange wall with the lines from a basketball painted on it!  Awesome.
Trigg's Basketball wall

Then I had to decide what I wanted to do above his bed and I found the perfect solution.
Pixers Logo
There is this company called Pixers and they sell wall art.
One of their cool features, is they have tons of images to choose from and I/you, can customize the image to the size we need, and it tells us right there on the screen what the price would be for different sizes.
The image I chose can be made as large as 5 ft wide if I want.
It is a giant image, or picture of an athlete shooting the basketball.
basketball image
I love all the options I can choose from, for any room in our house.
After painting his wall to look like a giant basketball, and then adding this awesome wall art,
the only thing I will have left to do, is actually put in a real basketball hoop,
so our little guy can shoot hoops in his room!

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