Summer Time Date Ideas

The sultry temperatures and long days lend themselves to wonderful summertime dates, and there is still time for you to take advantage. Soon enough the temperatures will take a dip, sending us indoors for endless Netflix binges—not that there’s anything wrong with that, per se. But there is something about this season that spells romance. Need some inspiration? Read on for some spectacular summertime date ideas.

Picnic Al Fresco

Well, the “al fresco” part is probably implied in the picnic part but, whether you choose to spread out on a beach or in a park, there’s something magical about this type of date. Pack some wine (if that’s your thing!) and cheese and crackers and enjoy all that nature has to offer out in the fresh air. Think about laying a big round towel from on the beach at sunset. There are very few things more romantic than watching the sun dip below the horizon together.

Enjoy Dinner With a View

Whether you live in the mountains, by the sea, or in another part of the country, you almost undoubtedly live near restaurants that have breathtaking views. Before the temperatures turn, take advantage of this. Perhaps you’re new to your town and aren’t sure. Sites like and will recommend restaurants in which the view is unparalleled. You might also want to consider trying the best seafood in San Francisco!

Glamp or Camp With Your Significant Other

Some might not automatically think of romance when they think of camping but just imagine this—you’re sitting by a roaring fire, roasting s’mores, and snuggling to keep warm as you relay your favorite part of the day’s hike. Sound amazing? Yeah, we thought so. Make sure you bring all the camping supplies you need, as camping without preparation can admittedly sour you on the subject. If your someone-special isn’t all about sleeping on the ground—and we can appreciate that—perhaps glamping is the way to go and maybe to give it a little touch we recommend you to read the vibrating panties reviews. Camping with a more upscale and comfy vibe, this can still provide the perfect combination of romance and outdoorsy adventure.

Get Sweaty Together (No, Not Like That)

They say the couple that exercises together stays together, so carve out time to go on a scenic hike, go on a long run on the beach, or even hit an outdoor yoga class. Whatever you choose, you’ll feel amazing afterwards, as you’ll be fueled by adrenaline and serotonin. If you’re the type of couple that thrives on competition, hit the links or sweat it out on the tennis court—may the best person win. Celebrate your sweat sesh with a post-workout coffee or mimosa date.

Go Wine Tasting

We don’t drink wine but many do…so if you live anywhere near vineyards, wine tasting can be a fun, relaxing, and romantic date. Many wineries have amazing views that you can enjoy while sipping your tastings, and some even offer live music. Consider getting a limo and hitting a few of them on the same day to enjoy a full day of sniffing, sipping, and swirling like a seasoned sommelier. Make sure to buy your favorite bottle (or bottles!) of wine from the day so you can relive the romance on a night of your choosing in the coming months.

Tackle a Project Together

Okay, okay, some people might chuckle at this but we all know those couples that have HGTV shows going 24/7 in their homes. If that’s your thing and you thrive on being DIYers, consider getting a babysitter for the kids and hitting the outside for some exterior remodeling or gardening time. Make sure you finish with some time to spare so you can relax and enjoy a beverage as you take in your handiwork.

Take in a Movie in the Great Outdoors

Movie buffs will be happy to know you don’t have to sit inside to enjoy your fave flicks. Find a drive-in movie theater near you—yes, they do still exist, although sadly many have closed over the years. If you don’t have one within driving distance, try to find a park near you that shows movies after the sun goes down. While these are often very family-friendly events, there’s no reason you can’t find a corner by yourself and find the romance under the stars.

Fall approacheth so grab your significant other and head outdoors for a date that you’ll surely remember for years to come.

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