Hanging Pictures

We have such fantastic readers and today’s idea comes to us from Darin L. Jolliffe-Haas.
He writes…”Yesterday, I read the article on ‘How to Arrange Pictures,’ and wanted to share something
I’ve used in my own home. I actually borrowed the idea from Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello.
I am attaching a photo of Monticello’s parlor. “Good Ideas(look closely at the rod close to the crown molding, and you can see the picture wires)
“Actually, I drew upon this idea when I was 10yrs old in 1974 when I visited Jefferson’s home.
I returned to Indiana, and got a long dowel rod and hooks to hang all my school pictures in my room.”
( I just want to interject that I love how Darin was inspired as a 10 year old,
and still today as a grown adult, uses the inspired idea in his current home!
That to me, is powerful and timeless!)

“I hate drilling into walls, and refuse to use any of the adhesive gimmicks to display tons of family photos. Instead, I took a long drapery rod, hung it on several hooks placed next to the wall and ceiling. I used the round drapery clamps (I am sure they have a legitimate name) and attached my frames to them via strong fishing wire. I have 3-5 framed photos attached to each hook which I can move to adjust spacing.”Good Ideas(note the rod at the top)Good Ideas“It does save the solid plaster walls from being drilled to death,
and I can add, detract, swap photos, and arrange as I please.”

Thank you Darin for such a great idea.  And it hits so close to home for me right now
because we are in the process of helping my grandmother take down all of her pictures,
and Holy Moly, there are a lot of holes in the wall!!
I will post a picture of that soon!!

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