Cutest Growth Chart Board

As you may remember, a while back I did a post on Growth Charts.
My goal was to find the cutest one, and make it for my own family.
The one I found, looked like this…Good IdeasBelieve it or not, I actually found this one on Craigslist over a year and a half ago, but when I went to order it,
I couldn’t find the crafty lady anymore.  So, that is when I set out to make one for my family.
I was looking for an old bi-fold door so I could re-create the exact look,
but I opted out of that and chose a  1x8x6 board.
If that language is confusing to you,
it is a board that is one inch thick, by eight inches wide, by six foot long.
It looks like this…Good IdeasThen I painted the board a light cream, and the edges black.
When that was all dried, I added my numbers.
Now my numbers are vinyl, but stenciling them would have worked just as well.
Good IdeasI used the measuring tape to determine the exact measurements.
Each small line is three inches from the actual foot mark,
and the larger black lines are six inches from the foot mark,
making them exactly 1/2 a foot.
I also started my “1” foot mark six inches from the bottom of the board,
and hung the board six inches from the floor.
(If any of that makes sense, it basically means that when the board is hanging on the wall,
the “1 foot” mark is exactly one foot from the floor. )
This also gives me a little room,
just in case one of my kiddos happens to grow taller than 6 foot.

I also used a ebony stain/sealer over the entire surface once my numbers were in place.
I brushed it on, and then with a circular motion wiped it off.
I left it darker on the edges to give it an “old” look.Good IdeasHere is another pic of it, in it’s proper hanging place.Good IdeasDon’t cha’ just love it??  Well I do!
And, the best part, I catch my kiddos measuring themselves daily
to see how much they’ve grown since the previous day.
It’s just darn cute!!

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