Cheap Bathroom Redo

Well, If you remember from a few post ago,
I had found a great bathroom sign that I wanted to re-create
in our bathroom, and I also mentioned in a few older posts,
that we live in a VERY old home that we don’t want to sink
a ton of money into, since we are hoping to re-build one day.

With that said, our bathroom is a little smaller,
has a really sweet claw foot tub,
which has been painted black on the base.
The bathroom walls have wood paneling
that has been covered up with thick, paint-able wallpaper.
I wanted a change, but it had to be fairly in-expensive.
This is why I started to hire professionals Bathroom Renovation South Dublin.Good IdeasI don’t have a camera that takes a WIDE shot,
but you get the idea.
It was painted white, with cream top and sides.
And then at the very top of the wall, next to the roof line,
there was a burgundy, floral border.
So, I started by taking down the border,
and then I swept the walls down.
Next, I used my tan, messup paint ($8.00)  from the hardware store.
(*most places that mix paint, have a mess up pile,
and this is where I generally purchase my paint,
because it is half-off the original price.
The only trick is taking the colors that are already mixed.
This is a “take what you get and don’t throw a fit” scenario.)
I also used a paint pan, brushes, and rollers that I already had.
I bought 3 decorative towels because I loved their color scheme.
The price of this was right at $25.00 for the set.
And last but not least, was the inspirational piece…my vinyl bath sign.
This was purchased for $30.
So all together, I spent $63.00 and I really love it.
I just wish I could take a panoramic picture,
so you could see it as my eyes see it!
But since I don’t have a Panoramic camera,
I will just show you one picture at a time.

Here is a picture as you walk in and glance to the left.
If you notice, the walls are much darker,
now that they are painted tan.
And the wallpaper seam can be very obvious.Good IdeasThis next picture is of the two existing towel racks and the sink.
What you see directly in front of you as you enter the room.Good IdeasThis next picture is what you see on the right hand side.
And if you look down and to the right, you can see the cool bathtub reglazing in jersey city which made the bathroom shine.Good IdeasAnd this is what you see directly to your right as you enter.
And here is my vinyl bath sign.
I really do love it!Good Ideas

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